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A note regarding the Department of Transportation’s new price advertising rule….

We would like to make our valued A.C.T. travelers aware of the Department of Transportation’s new price advertising rule and the steps that we are taking to be in compliance.  The Department’s new rule affects all travel programs that feature air, and requires that advertised fares include all government-imposed taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges that the Customer is being asked to pay.

When you visit our website, displayed soon will be two fares, a land only price and one with air that includes all government excise taxes, government segment fees, September 11th security fees, and airport passenger facility charges.  It is important to note that fares have not increased, but that the initial fare display now includes all updated, verifiable government-imposed taxes and fees, including port charges and, if in conjunction with a fly-to destination, national park entrance fees.  Customers have always paid these taxes and fees; however, previously they were added separately to the invoice at time of purchase.

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Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce-7 Country Southern Danube Cruise plus Prague

$2795 includes 11 night first class Danube cruise with Prague

16 days
August 21-September 5, 2016

Grand Cruise of Europe plus Switzerland

$1995 Cruise only
$2995 + $199 gov't taxes. includes airfare & port fees

16 days September 26-
October 12, 2016

Mekong Cruise from Saigon to Angkor Wat

$2495 program only

14 days
October 3-16, 2016

Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce-Best of South Africa Safari Adventure

$4500 includes airfare from JFK & all taxes

16 days October 16-31,


The Copper Canyon, Sea of Cortez, and Colonial and Artistic Towns-No Flying!

$1695 Humane Society Fundraiser

9 days October 16-24,

Unique Cruise of the Crusaders aboard Celebrity's Constellation

$1580 Cruise only
$2995 includes airfare & all taxes

14 days October 20-November 2
, 2016


Rome, Venice & Florence plus Greece, Malta & Sicily

$1995 includes airfare & all taxes

11 days November 2-12, 2016

Hawaiian Thanksgiving Cruise

$1695 Cruise only

9 days November 18-26
, 2016


Luxurious Holiday Cruise of Southern Africa

$3800 Cruise only
$4995 includes airfare & taxes

15 nights December 21-January 5, 2017



The Copper Canyon, Sea of Cortez, and Colonial and Artistic Towns-No Flying!

$1695 includes airfare & all taxes

9 days February 12-20 & October 7-15, 2017

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland

$2995 includes airfare & all taxes

9 days March 15-23, 2017


15-day Best of China & Yangtze Cruise

$1795 Land/Cruise only
$2495 includes airfare & all taxes

15 days March 18-April 1, 2017

Mediterranean Rhapsody

$1995 includes airfare & all taxes

9 days April 4-12, 2017


Theater in New York

$1995 program only

7 days April 24-30, 2017

7-Night Cruise to Cuba

$2995 includes airfare from Miami to Jamaica

9 days June 1-9 AND June 8-16, 2017


Kenya's Great Migration

$4995 includes airfare & all taxes

12 days August 12-23, 2017

Theater Week in London

$1995 program only

7 nights September 5-11, 2017


Celebrity's Ultimate Pacific Coastal Cruise

$1195 includes all taxes and transfers

7 nights September 24-October 1, 2017

Landlubber's Galapagos, plus Quito

$2295 Land only
$2995 includes airfare & all taxes

9 days October 6-14, 2017


"Under the Tuscan Sun" Villa Stay

$2095 Land only
$2995 includes airfare & all taxes

10 days October 16-25, 2017

Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, and Hong Kong

$2995 includes airfare & all taxes

15 days October 30-November 15, 2017


Fiji, Australia & Luxury Cruise to New Zealand

$2995 includes airfare & all taxes

17 days November 13-29, 2017


Cruise to Alaska from Los Angeles

$1995 includes taxes, port fees and transfers

12 days April 27-May 9, 2018